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4 Unforgettable Things to Do in Jamaica With Your Kids

Jamaica is an amazing destination for a family vacation. Although it does have pretty white sand beaches and a gorgeous blue sea to play in, there are many more fun things to do in Jamaica with your children. The countryside in Jamaica is nature’s playground with stunning waterfalls and untouched rivers. This eco paradise is a great place for family travel with unique activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Spend the Day in Treasure Beach & the Black River

Treasure Beach is a quiet fishing village on the South Coast of Jamaica. Head down to the beach with the kids and grab a drink at the lively beach bar. Enjoy a quick game of dominoes with the locals and negotiate a day trip with one of the fishermen. As you head out into the blue Caribbean Sea in your brightly coloured fishing boat you can sit back and enjoy the view along the coast. Your kids will have fun spotting the dolphins as they swim within a few feet of your boat. Stop off at the Pelican Bar located on a sand bank one mile out in the ocean. Have a drink and reason with the Rastas as you enjoy the magnificent scenery. They serve up delicious fresh fish and lobster dishes. Next head up to Black River. This river is home to several crocodiles. Your kids will love spotting the crocs as they sunbathe in the mangroves. Head up to the crab shack and snack on a couple of baked crabs. Further up the river your kids will have fun swinging off the rope into the cool water. Don’t worry there are no crocodiles in these parts! Head back to Treasure Beach for a delicious dinner of jerk chicken and rice and peas.

Y S Falls

We all know about the world famous Dunn’s River falls in Ocho Rios. However if you are looking for somewhere a bit less touristy then head to YS Falls. These falls are surrounded by gorgeous tropical gardens. The whole family will have fun swimming in the cool pools of water. The kids will have a blast swinging on the tarzan ropes into the waterfall pools. You can also take a refreshing dip in the natural swimming pool. Grab some inner tubes and float down the peaceful river or go zip lining above the falls. On your way back to your hotel stop at some of the fresh fruit stands and feast on delicious tropical fruits such as mangoes, sweet sop, sugar cane, pineapple and more.

Luminous Lagoon

Head up to to Falmouth to see the glistening waters one evening with your family. Take a boat ride into the lagoon to witness this natural wonder. The microscopic organisms in the water will light up as the water is agitated. Grab a stick to twirl around in the water so your kids can have fun watching the water as it lights up. You can even take a dip in the water and splash around while the water lights up around you! After your boat ride head to the Glistening Waters restaurant and watch this bioluminescent show while you dine on some local cuisine such as curried chicken or fried snapper.

Rick’s Cafe

This lively bar is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon with the kids. This world famous bar is located on the cliffs in Negril. Your family will enjoy the infectious Reggae music as you take in the cliff diving show. Don’t forget to bring some small bills to tip the divers. Watch as these showmen get the crowd riled up as they climb up into the trees above the cliffs to make their daring jumps. Those skilled Jamaicans know how to put on a good show complete with handstand flips into the waters. Your older kids can even join in the action and jump off the cliffs and platforms of different heights. There is a swimming pool as well to cool off in. Grab a cold refreshing Red Stripe beer and some fruit punch for the kids and watch the dazzling sunset.

There are lots more fun things to do in Jamaica with your kids the next time you visit!