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Seychelles Vacations

Travelling around the world not only make you nearer to the nature but also makes you familiar with different people belonging to various origins, casts, race and religion. There are many places to visit in the Seychelles Island situated near the equator. The Seychelles Island is renowned for its tropical paradise featuring uniqueness in its flora and fauna.

There are many exquisite and worth seeing sites in Seychelles Island. If you are fond of exploring the nature then Seychelles is the best place to satisfy your urge for exploring the latent clandestine.

The total area of Seychelles Island is approximately equal to that of France. Many islands of Seychelles are still immaculate and haven’t yet been spoiled by human beings.

Seychelles Destinations

A large proportion of people dwell in the Island of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. In the subsequent section you can find the main attractions in Seychelles Island:


Following are the few attractions in Mahe:

Victoria’s Clock Tower: It is a clone of the ‘Little Ben’ loom outside Victoria station of London.

Center of Town: There are many places in Mahe which are immaculate and untouched since regal times.

You can find such two places in the center of town named as the Courthouse and main Post Office.

Museums: Are you fond of viewing ancient and historic remains then you should visit the National History Museum and the Seychelles People’s United Party Museum.

Codevar Craft Centre: Want to show off your friends about your journey to Seychelles? Then go ahead and buy memorable souvenirs and gifts from the Codevar Craft Centre.

Botanical Gardens: If you have immense love for nature and fond of spending time gardening, then the Botanical Gardens is the worth seeing site. These gardens have prevalent plant genus. You can also watch the giant tortoises in botanical gardens.


Following are the tourist attractions in Praslin:

Anse Lazio Beach: You can visit the Anse Lazio beach in Praslin. This beach was voted as “The best beach in the world” in 2004.

National Park: If you want to watch some of the rarest birds on earth then you should visit the National Park. The National Park is also renowned for the “Coco de Mer” palm.

Anse Volbert Beach: Are you fond of swimming and want to spend your vacation swimming and diving? The Anse Volbert beach is the best place to satisfy your urge for swimming.

Black Pearls: It is said that pearls are the woman’s best friend. It adds beauty and charisma to personality. Women can buy black pearls formed by Pearl oysters.

La Digue:

Following are the few attractions in La Digue:

Veuve Reserve: Once you are in La Digue then you should visit Veuve Reserve. It is a small reserve well-known for conservation of Black Paradise Flycatcher.

Copra factory: You should also visit the Copra factory where you will be astonished to see how much copra is produced.

Historical Cemetery: The Historical Cemetery established by first permanent settlers of La Digue is worth to be seen.

OX Cart Ride: The traditional Ox Cart Ride is all times favorite of all the tourists.

Best Time for Seychelles Vacations:

Here are few recommendations for you if you want to perform any one of the following activities in Seychelles:

If you want to do Sailing and Windsurfing in the Seychelles then the suitable time is late May to October.

Though you can do diving in the Seychelles throughout the year. It is recommended to do diving from March to May and late September to the end of December as visibility is optimum.

Do you want to enjoy nature with a slow pace and want to take walking tours? Walking tours can be taken any time but the best ideal time is from June to October when the humidity is less.