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Tips for Planning St Lucia Holidays

Holidays in the Caribbean are always filled with natural beauty – gorgeous white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, gently breaking waves from the clear blue waters and of course the perfect tropical sunshine. But with a holiday to St. Lucia, there is even more to see. The stunning coastline has been created by volcanic activity, and the rugged beauty of the Caribbean is all the more dramatically evident on a St. Lucia holiday. To get the most out of your holiday, here are a few tips on planning a holiday of a lifetime on this idyllic island.

• St. Lucia is well known for its jazz festival, held in early May. It has attracted many famous jazz musicians over the years, and is famous throughout the Caribbean, itself a jazz mad region. Music enthusiasts may well wish to time their trip to coincide with this festival. Indeed, all types of people, even with no interest in jazz could be attracted by this festival, with its colour and chilled out street party atmosphere.

• Quite apart from the jazz festival, May is an excellent time to plan your St. Lucia holiday for. The Caribbean high season for tourism runs generally from December to April, and accommodation and flights tend to be at their most expensive in this period. In addition, the hurricane season begins in June and runs to November – making May easily the most attractive month to travel in, combining beautiful weather with cheaper prices.

• Make sure to sample the local culture on your St. Lucia holiday. This tiny island has a unique combination of different cultural heritages, with both British and French colonial pasts as well as African and indigenous cultures. The main language spoken among locals is a form of Creole based on French, and there is a vibrant culture worth seeing in this language – the most accessible form to tourists naturally being music. Taking time out to try some real local culture will make the trip feel all the more worthwhile.

• Safety is not a concern for most tourists travelling to St. Lucia. A hepatitis A jab is required, but this is standard procedure across the Caribbean and does not represent any risk other than the short pain of the injection! Crime has risen slightly in St. Lucia in recent years, but still remains low by any standards, and tourists have nothing to worry about in general.