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It’s Party Time in Barbados

The Caribbean islands are known for its outrageous parties and this includes Barbados. So if you are looking for a place to party, set sail and find a hotel in Barbados and get ready to party. The West Indian Continental Island is known for its strong British influence thus earning its moniker “Little England”. Tourists visits the country for its many attractions like the exotic floras and faunas, native delicacies and soothing beaches and of course the native festivals.

There are three major festivals which tourist should look forward to. The Jazz Festival, Reggae Festival and the Crop over Festival are the most popular celebrations on the tropical island. If you are planning to spend a vacation on “Little England” make sure your schedule is on the first 2 quarters of the year to experience any of these three festivals.

Jazz Festival

The Jazz festival started back in 1994 and it grows stronger and become more popular every year, this major celebration won the Best Caribbean Musical Event for both 2000 and 2001. It is usually held in the month of January. The musical party event uses various venues around the country like the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex and Sunbury Plantation House. Tourists can jive and chill to the music of the local talents and internationally musicians like Lalah Hathaway, Robin Thicke and Smokey Robinson and when the music starts it last till the break of dawn of the next day. This festival is for if you are up to all the Jazz.

Reggae Festival

If Jazz is not your thing, perhaps a different set of tunes is the right party music for you. The Reggae Festival is what most tourists look forward to when they are planning to visit this tropical island. This popular fiesta in the island is held in April and last for a whole week. The much awaited carnival is usually held in Farley Hill National Park located at the Parish of St. Peter. There are many events tourists can enjoy in this celebration which includes: Reggae beach party and Vintage Reggae show and dance but the most popular event is the Reggae on the Hill. So if you jamming to this kind of music, set sail for this island on the month of April.

Crop Over Festival

This is it. This fiesta is the biggest celebration in “Little England”. The Crop Over Festival is the biggest party event the country boast of. The annual event runs for a month starting from July to August. The event commemorates the history of the large-scale production of sugar canes at nearly 500 mills on the island. Farmers and workers celebrate the end of the sugar cane harvest with music, food and competition. The Grand event is held at the capital of the country, Bridgetown. Tourists who are planning to experience this one a year fiesta will be treated to Bajan Traditional food, calypso music and competitions. It is a must experience for every visitors of country.

These are only few of the events and fiestas that awaits tourist who plan to visit the tropical country. So if you are a party animal clear your schedules, book for a hotel in Barbados and get ready to party.