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Hibiscus Trees

The hibiscus tree is a type of flowering plant with over 200 species. This type of plant is usually found in areas with warm climates, typically in the tropical and subtropical regions all over the world. You will be able to find both perennial, as well as annual type of plant within this genus. This plant is possibly the most versatile plant known in existence. Even though it is well known for its decorative properties, it has many other uses.


These plants are typically grown for their flowers. The flowers are large, with colors that will stand out. These flowers come in many different colors, all depending on the type of species they come from.

The tree itself is most commonly used for landscaping purposes, while the flower itself is typically used for ornamental purpose. For example, in the state of Hawaii the hibiscus flower is used to greet important guests by placing them in leis. The sight of the hibiscus tree is a common occurrence in tropical areas.

Another use of the hibiscus is its ability to enhance the taste of tea. The hibiscus tea is a well known drink which has lasted throughout the centuries. This drink has been around as far back as ancient Egypt. It is believed that the Pharaohs of this era drank this drink while relaxing next to the river. It was known then as “drink of the gods.” The healthy properties of the hibiscus tea have not gone unnoticed as well. This drink has been known to prevent bladder infections, as well as high blood pressure.

Another important attribute of the hibiscus tree is its strong bark. The bark of this tree contains very strong fibers. These products can be used to make grass skirts, as well as ropes and nets used in fishing.