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Can Humans Send and Receive Messages Via the Environment and Other Species?

Not too long ago, an acquaintance had a theory that it was perhaps possible for humans to communicate without speech, or cell phones to other humans, via the natural environment, to other humans or other species. Indeed, it makes sense that this could be possible, if the other species and human were on similar wave-lengths and in-tune. Okay so, you might want to call this whole thing a paranormal topic or on the fringe of pseudo-science?

Fine, you are welcome to do that and academia and science would back you up, to a point. Still, let’s take you out of your comfort zone here and think for a second, because my acquaintance brings up an interesting point and a great topic if you dare to stray or allow your mind some freedom of thought here.

Well, I’d say that since I am a fan of Rupert Sheldrake’s concepts of animal human communication, and have experienced such myself with birds, small tree rodents, etc. that I have no problem with that, nor do I have any problem with the concept of Aborigines or African Tribesmen hunters sending messages back to their villages, or birds sending messages to other birds 50-miles away to warn of danger, or announcing arrival at a food source.

Remember birds often flock, and even non-flocking birds are nesters, birds of prey, live and hunt together, eating the same food, thus the same bacteria, chemicals in the brain, and also operating at the same bio-rhythm rates at the same time, so, it makes perfect sense their brains would be linked at similar frequencies and the bacteria in their bodies also.

Birds in flocks can all change direction at the same time, faster than reflexes would make that possible due to the speed of nerve communication. But they do it right? Sure they do, that is observable, but, I dare to ask how they do it? Are they operating like one organism during those periods? Communicating through brainwaves? How do you know the answer? You are not a bird brain.

You might have a problem even entertaining this thought, but I don’t. My acquaintance asks some tough questions, and I have no problem with any of this actually, and I suppose science will re-consider their views in the future when it is proven to be so, or explained, and no longer considered a paranormal type thing, for it is indeed a natural occurrence, more typical than not typical. Anyway, I tend to agree and follow your concept here.

What I’ve learned in running, when far away from the city in the forest, or hills and what I call “Bushwhacking” or going off the trail and making my own way; is that when I encounter animals and other species. There is a feeling of being watched, and subtle communication that seems to take place. Not sure how to describe it, but you may have also noticed this.

Now then, if I run down the trail blazing, under full power, and think to myself; “I own this trail, I am strong, Look Out!” either that intensive thought or the sound in my stride and breathing causes all animals, insects, you name it to run away, and I can hear the bushes come alive with frenzy, running in all directions, afraid. BUT – if I run through the forest and focus my intention ahead of my position or send out brain thoughts such as; “I will be jogging by, don’t worry about me, be gone in a couple of seconds, I hope you are having a nice day,” the squirrels, birds, and other animals merely sit there sometimes within 5-6 feet and merely stare at me as I go buy, unafraid.

So, I ask why; well, the answer is simple; “Intent” and the fact that I’ve communicated a thought, and sent it out to them. Same has to do with insects, which are generally very risk adverse. See those points? I know since I’ve experienced this, that what you indicate is a repeatable experiment anywhere on planet Earth.

What do you think?

Now then, I wish to thank Agustin Antunez Corrales of Spain who I dedicate this article too. Agustin has online meeting-place for geniuses, and brilliant humans and has a group of websites that propel his mission to unite human thinkers.