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My Lovely Visit to the City of Lakes – Everything You Need to Know

My dazzling day in udaipur – the best place to visit

Refreshed on August 3, 2018

Multi day in udaipur Worth composition

multi month back I went to udaipur with awesome excitement, I was paralyzed by the excellence of city of lakes. this is the best place to visit on earth. udaipur will abandon you staggered with its magnificence. today I am will pen down locales that I went to amid my trek.

I came to udaipur on 29th of june 2018 at 6 am. at that point after I went to lodging. I took some rest then I took off to my taxi supplier.

at 9 am we begun our touring visit. this is the best touring voyage through as long as I can remember. we went to the accompanying spots in udaipur with extraordinary excitement. constantly I was depleted out of vitality yet it was justified, despite all the trouble.

the following are the spots that you can visit amid your udaipur, visit.

. jagdish sanctuary

city royal residence

lake royal residence

lake pichola

ambrai ghat – it is the most serene place in udaipur. it is like a island in between lake pichola. you will be glad to visit this place

dudh talai

karni mata

gulab bagh

ganghor ghat

fatah sagar

natraj inn

lok kala mandal

rajiv gandhi stop

rani street

badi lake

saheliyo ki bari

we hired this taxi service for our sightseeing. our experience was good with them

taxi service in udaipur

After strolling down the narrow lanes, we came back to our hotel and started looking out for good place to have dinner. We wanted some open terrace restaurant to have to good view of twinkling city. The city is so beautifully lit and you can enjoy your meal in this perfect view with some folk songs in the background. You can just sit there for hours without even feeling tired. It’s truly mesmerizing!!

Next day we planned to do some sightseeing of famous places. Morning we took auto for Fateh Sagar. Fateh Sagar is an artificial lake but very quiet and peaceful place. The lake is pear-shaped and bordered by hills. There is small island which has a park inside called “Nehru Park” but we avoided going there and choose to enjoy the walk on the winding road on the lake side.

Overall it was a great experience to see one of the most popular historic cities of Rajasthan. The beauty, authenticity and serenity of this place, random walk in the narrow alleys of the city, spending time by the lake side, watching spectaculer sunsets and beautifully lit city like they celebrate a festival of light every night, is definitely going to stay in our hearts forever. It’s truly one of the most romantic city of India as you can feel it in the air as well surrounding!!