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Mature Dating – Top 7 First Date Ideas For Single Seniors

The “first date” is the stepping stone to every relationship. As couples, young and old, gear up for this day they earnestly wish not to mess up. Single seniors believe it is harder for them because age brings in multiple restrictions. They search for ideas that are fun and enjoyable yet age appropriate.

If you are a single senior with a first date scheduled in the coming week, remember age is merely a number. First date ideas for single seniors can be as exciting as picking up your girlfriend in your dad’s car, driving her to the movies and wrapping up the evening with a sumptuous meal. You can plan similar events; only tweak it to suit both your interests.

So, it’s time to be young again. Here are 7 ideas to enjoy your first date and wow your partner.

1. Dinner and movie:

This is a classic first date idea for seniors. Young couples too choose “dinner and movie” when they are unsure of what would be the best. The two of you can come to know each other better over a meal. If you want to slow it down a bit, make it two cups of coffee and a piece of cake at an old fashioned bakery. Dinner can be followed by a movie at the theater. Choose a movie in common agreement.

Instead of going out, you can cook a meal for your date and watch a movie at home. It adds a personal touch to the event. Also, the familiar surroundings make you comfortable.

2. A Nature Tour:

If you are a nature admirer, nothing beats a nature trail as a top idea for a first date for single seniors. This could be a short walk on a quaint street, a serene beach or through vistas of fruit-bearing trees. You can go for a romantic boat ride or a short nature hike (if it is not too demanding).

3. Go to the Games:

Men especially are passionate sports fans. It’s soccer, baseball or ice hockey. If your date is a sports fan, you can make the event memorable by inviting him or her to a game.

4. Picnic in the Park:

You can plan a romantic picnic at the park or beside a lake or pond. Pack a picnic basket including sandwiches, crisps and drinks. You should monitor the weather. Rain can ruin the best planned picnics.

5. A Cultural Sojourn:

If you or your date is a connoisseur of art, you can visit an art gallery or tour a museum. This is not a typical date idea. Therefore, take your partner’s opinion before you go ahead and plan the event. If you’re young at heart and dying to unleash the child in you, attend a street fair or carnival. It’s a great way to be yourself on your first date.

6. Winery Tour:

A tour to a local winery is an ideal first date idea for single seniors. Wineries attract a lot of adult crowd and hence, you and your date won’t feel out of place.

7. Musical Concert or a Stage Play:

You can also invite your first date to a musical concert or a stage-play. Again, find out what they would like so you can choose something that you will both enjoy together. Or alternatively, you could always plan a surprise! Look for good reviews and maybe gain the opinion of some of your musical or play loving friends.

Whatever you choose, the main aim of the first date is to enjoy your time together and with a bit of luck it will lead to a second date.