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Family Summer Activities And Attractions In Taupo

If you are heading to a Taupo holiday park for your annual break you’ll find there are plenty of activities and attractions to keep you busy, or not so if you prefer, while you get some rest and relaxation in the sun.

Firstly your holiday park will be packed with things to keep all ages occupied. The children will be able to spend hours in the playground, hanging out with the other children staying there as well as enjoying some of the indoor games for those days when the weather isn’t being so nice. The adults will be able to choose from spending time in the outdoor entertainment areas, or perhaps soak in the spa pool and also catch up on the summer sports in the games room as most holiday parks have SkyTV, or if you prefer to see what is happening on Facebook or check your emails you can easily do this via the wi-fi.

Outside of the holiday park Taupo’s greatest asset is, of course, the lake. It’s the biggest fresh water lake in New Zealand there are many activities available from swimming, fishing for the famous Brown and Rainbow Trout, kayaking and canoeing, hiring a boat to go sightseeing, or taking an evening cruise with one of the local charter companies. Don’t forget to head down the road a bit to the Huka Falls where you’ll see incredible waterfalls as the water drains of the lake. Simply awe inspiring, the clear water and incredible colour is amazing.

The Lake Taupo region is part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone and Thermal Explorer Highway of New Zealand there are also many geothermal attractions you can visitor during your stay such as Orakei Korako Cave & Thermal Park featuring hot springs, boiling mud pools, silica terraces and geysers as well as the incredible Ruatapu Caves, you will be taken by this natural wonder and afterwards you can immerse yourself in naturally heated pools at the Spa Park on Spa Road or the Taupo Hot Springs, very therapeutic.

One of the other great places you should visit during your Taupo holiday park vacation is Huka Honey Hive where you can up close to the honey making process, enjoy tastings of mead wines, liqueurs and honey, test out the wonderful skincare products, as well a finding out about all the health benefits of Manuka honey. A great experience for both young and old, and it’s all completely free.