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Saint Lucia – The Chocoholics Tropical Paradise

Saint Lucia is a tropical island located in the eastern Caribbean sea near the boundary of the Atlantic ocean. With an exciting history, stunning beaches & a thriving chocolate industry it has quickly become a top location for holidaymakers & backpackers to relax, unwind & try some world award winning chocolate!

Beaches & Sun

The average temperature during the day in Saint Lucia is 29 Celsius/84.2 Fahrenheit or as I like to call it “Perfect Beach Weather”. And with the number of beaches to choose from whether it be relaxing in silence with your significant other to raving parties you’re sure to find it all on Saint Lucia. The average night temperature currently rests at 18 Celsius/64.4 Fahrenheit which makes it perfect for getting out and about, be it on the town or the beach, without it getting unbearably hot.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat you probably know as the worldwide, famous chocolatiers, what you may not know is that they are based in St Lucia, One of very few chocolate companies who actually grow the cacao themselves and follow the buying process right up until consumer and they are eager to show off said cacao fields which span stunning environmental areas. And of course while you are on the walks why not treat yourself to some worldfamous chocolate?

Those walks can get you very hot of course in the sun splitting tropical island weather so what better way to cool off than some chocolate induced spa treatment. Yup you read that right a chocolate spa. Do I need to say anything else?


The Saint Lucia Jazz Festival originally started of quite small with only 4 locations being used to host performances on the island but over time the festival and its participants have grown to encompass a host of musicians visiting and playing on the island. The festival is now televised on BET J so if unsure whether or not to visit there is plenty of footage to check out for yourselves.

The Saint Lucia Chocolate Festival is another incredible experience that celebrates the country’s long standing history with cacao. For centuries cacao has been exported and over the past few decades the industry has boomed in a big way, partly due to Hotel Chocolat influence in the world market for chocolate making.

To visit during the St Lucia Chocolate Festival is the perfect way for chocolate lovers to enjoy a holiday that they’d be hard pressed to beat anywhere else in the world!