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It Ain’t Fun Trail Running in the Winter!

I love to run off-road, or “trail run” as it is called nowadays. Trail running competitions are often held from early easter or late autumn. At the end of the season, fanatics like me must continue even though it’s snow out there. I both hate & love this season, but mostly it is okey for me, cuz it feels almost like a law of nature that there should be a little ruggedness and rain when standing on the starting line of a trail running trip or a race, otherwise it is not a true off-road race anyway.

But now, right now it’s winter again and there’s lots of snow and cold out there. Why should you run then? Hmm, you wonder, where is he going now, I want to be inspired so that I can get out on my jog!!! Sorry, to run when the snow is out there is CRAZY. Why? I will explain.

Firstly, when it is so much snow that you have to put on the spikes (Spiky is probably still the best on on the market) or your Icebug shoes with spikes, Here i my point -I think you should take on a pair of cross-country skis and take yourself out on the ski trail.

Secondly, even if you have studs on you’ll most likely slip and injure yourself anyway. If you are unable to ski and “have” to run so, it’s better to do what you must on a treadmill…

Thirdly, it is not during the 10 winter sessions as you lower your marathon time by five minutes. Use the winter to train other muscles than pure trail running muscles.

Last but not least, I think that if you do not want to go cross country skiing when the snow is white and fine, you should choose to do something a bit more creative than a normal winter trail run. Buy a pair of snow shoes and run with them on the snow. Dare and do something different from your normal training schedule in order to develop (I believe, very seriously, that this will develop your running more than the 10 winter runs you manage to do).

Whether you are going to get out and run or not, I think you should consider the following equipment things:

1 Go out and run in the winter if the weather is good and the sun is shining, cuz then it is truly lovely. It sparks when you move and the air is cold, clear and wonderfully rich in oxygen. It’s also very nice going for a run on Christmas morning, before the other in the family is awake.

2. Wear the right equipment to be on the safe side. During winter I run in my country ski clothes that are suited to winter winds and have better protection on the belly and thighs than the usual running wear. I usually also take underpants with shelter and always a headlamp just in case.

3. It gets dark quickly this time of year, so make it a habit to put on a reflective vest when you are out on winter running.

4. Remember if it’s really cold outside so you can easily rip the lungs and it can be really dangerous. Use a lung pulse that helps to warm up the air.

5. If you have pain, use Tiger Balm which helps to warm up your muscles before you go out into the bitter cold of the winter landscape.

6. Play Christmas music in your headphones, it can only be done now before -mas without vomiting:-)

Winter running actually has its charms and I think obviously it’s a bit cool to be winter trail running. And as they say… “pain is temporary, glory is forever”.